The dog ate my keyboard. No. Really.

Weezie is in B-I-G trouble. Today I was writing away on my laptop, on the sofa in the sunroom, where I like to write on sunny days. I took a potty break, and when I got back, I found Weezie, happily chewing away on several key keys of the laptop. She was unapologetic. In fact, she was defiant, even gleeful. I think she is channelling Marley, who only THINKS he was the world’s worst dog. Weezie is definitely in the running after today. I promptly sentenced her to the afternoon in time out. I hied myself over to the Geek Squad guys, who gave me the sad news that I will need a replacement keyboard. This costs $100 and takes about two weeks to get. And I leave for the DEEP DISH tour next Wednesday. So now I have this funky keyboard that plugs into my laptop, and it’s unwieldy and awkward and it’s just one more thing to have to lug around airports and hotels for a month or so. In the meantime, I finally paroled Weezie. I was watching the final round of Jeopardy’s teen tournament, when the phone rings. I have to get tough with the people on the phone. When I hang up, the little recidivist is back in the sunroom–AGAIN!–munching on some apres’ dinner keyboard keys. She is incorrigible. And it makes me wonder how she got to be so bad. Is she like, hanging out with the rotweilers and dobermans down at the bowling alley, sneaking Beggin’ Strips and humping anything with a shiny collar? I just hope she’s not too much of a bad influence on Wyatt. Altho–come to think of it, he’s been up to some very naughty shenanigans lately too. Last week he swiped a pork butt off the kitchen counter. The week before that it was a stick of butter. Hoo boy. We got trouble. Right here in River City. That starts with T and it rhymes with P and that stands for PUPPY!.

3 thoughts on “The dog ate my keyboard. No. Really.”

  1. Chewed-up keyboard? I feel your pain.

    I had laptop trouble recently, but it was all my fault. I had taken to yanking it around the house holding the screen, and the screen sputtered and gave up.
    Now I got me a shiny new mac:)

  2. Oh the joys of owning doggies! 🙂 We have 3 here, all over the age of 7 thank heavens. For the most part they are pretty well behaved, I did say “for the MOST part, right?”!! Gotta love the furry babies! My husband continually asks them if they’ve seen “Old Yeller”???

  3. For gosh sakes get that puppy some chew toys and when he chews on no no’s haul him right to his crate and lock the door. NO TOYS in the crate. Make sure he stays for at least an hour. He’ll soon figure out his toys from yours.

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