Breeze Inn Progress Report

Boomerang Boy’s crib
Home is where you hang your hat–on your hall tree

Andrews party? Table for six?

My eBay find–1920s bathing suit

The breakfast club–Tybee style

Screened porch—walking in a wicker wonderland

Yikes! Don’t hate me because I’m beautiful.
We’re almost there…After a long work week at Tybee Island, I came home last night for my signing at the Atlanta Junior League Kitchen Tour, just as Mr. Mary Kay and our son-in-law Mark were headed down to Tybee to build the picket fence. As you can see in the last photo, after a week of painting and fluffing, by the time Friday rolled around, I was tore up from the floor up. But here’s what we accomplished–and by “we” I mean me–with the huge help/direction of friend/sidekick/savior Jacky, and Tom, the philosopher handman–and about a gallon of cheap chardonnay and extra-strength Ibuprofen: 1. Installed, primed and painted bookshelves in living room. 2. Got Savannah navigational chart hung in Andy’s bedroom and 1920s framed bathing suit hung in stairwell. 3. Reinforced, sanded and painted octagonal wicker breakfast table. 4. Cupboard to cover hideous electrical box in utility room built, primed and painted. 5.Screened porch cleared of all construction debris (and auxiliary refrigerator), blown off, hosed down and arranged. 6. Victorian mahogany hall tree patched up, re-mirrored, primed, painted and screwed to wall in utility room. 7. Brimfield screened door retrofitted for front door, primed, painted and installed. 8. Wall brackets mounted in master bathroom. Oh sure, there were glitches. The original cabinets I bought to hide the electrical box were the wrong size and had to be returned to Home Depot. One whole set of shelves for the bookcase were an inch too short–which we discovered after I’d already primed and painted said shelves. The gate kit I bought for the picket fence was also the wrong size, and also had to be returned to Home Depot. And the post-hole diggers I bought for the fence-builders has somehow mysteriously de-materialized. But we’re this close to being done. And Easter weekend, the whole family should be able to relax and enjoy our new beach house.

7 thoughts on “Breeze Inn Progress Report”

  1. Luv the details, that turquoise hall tree, the framed vintage bathing suit, that front door! xo, suzy

  2. What a terrific beach house. Mine was washed away by bad Hurricane Ike, so I’ll just mentally live in yours awhile — Okay?

  3. Dear Mary Kay,
    I am a fiction collection librarian. We don’t order unabridged books. Why did Harper Collins not produced an unabridged version of Deep Dish on audio CD? I loved your mysteries and am crazy about your books written as Mary Kay Andrews. I hate to disappoint our patrons.
    I am currently ordering The Fixer Upper because it is unabridged and we already have requests for the book and the CD.
    Alice Kober
    Fiction Collection Librarian
    Arapahoe Library District
    [email protected]

  4. Hi Juno. Harper actually did do an unabridged audio of DEEP DISH.
    ISBN# 978-1-4281-8108-0.
    hope this helps!

  5. Love your new place and can’t wait to read The Fixer Upper. My hubby got me The Kindle for Xmas and I hope you will have it on that too. I sometimes miss the feel of a real book. But the Kindle is great for traveling.

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