Covering Dixie…Like the Dew

You say you miss all your old friends who used to write for The Atlanta Journal-Constitution? Do you pine for Piney Woods Pete? Want to know what Eleanor Ringel thinks about movies? Want some thoughtful coverage of the South and Southern issues? We’ve got just the cure for your AJC jones. Join me and a bunch of other wonderful writers at a brand new online newspaper,
LIKE THE DEW. It’s fun, it’s free, it’s fat-free. And I’ve got my first piece posted there today. So check us out…leave us some comments, put us on your RSS feed, and tell all your friends. The South (and Southern journalism) shall surely rise again.

2 thoughts on “Covering Dixie…Like the Dew”

  1. Loved the Dew!

    I have just spent the last hour reading and drinking many cups of coffee! A wonderful way to spend a Sunday morning!

    Looking forward to the release of your new book!

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