Breeze Inn Redux

We had an amazingly talented guest at The Breeze Inn in late May. Richard Leo Johnson is a Low Country-based photographer whose work has been featured in lots of shelter magazines, including the June issue of Coastal Living, which features another gorgeous newly-built-to-look-old Tybee Island home designed by the queen of beach chic, Jane Coslick. This month’s CL also features a designer spotlight on Jane, featuring a cavalcade of Jane’s Tybee projects, as photographed by Richard. I was treated to a tour of Southern Point of View recently, and it is just the sweetest eye-candy ever. Made me beach glass green with envy, to tell you the truth, especially that amazing beach view. But be it ever so humble, we’re still loving our own corner of paradise, even without a beach view. I thought I’d share some of Richard’s photos with you. So talented. He could make a pig sty look like a palace! P.S. Did I mention that The Breeze Inn is available for rental through my friend Diane Kaufman at Mermaid Cottages?

3 thoughts on “Breeze Inn Redux”

  1. Hi Girlfriend,
    The Breeze Inn looks adorable. I can't wait for the slumber party. Nanook of the Caribbean

  2. The Breeze Inn is fabulous! I love it. When will you be doing a writer's retreat there? Hmmmm.

    I've got my copy of The Fixxer Upper on pre-order .. can't wait for it to arrive.
    Nancy Naigle
    Drewryville, VA

  3. Congrats, The Breeze Inn looks wonderful. Y'all did a great job. I love all the colors you used and I love the kitchen sink. Looking forward to THE FIXER UPPER.

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