I’m Baaaack

Vintage lidded ironstone tureen–for five bucks!

Newly propped living room secretary–ironstone + starfish + old books

Framed morning glory prints

Fresh flowers in freshly purchased silverplated chafing dish

Due to the unfortunate demise of my late, lamented camera, I’ve been away from the blogworld lately. Happily, Mr. Mary Kay surprised me with the purchase of a new camera this week, so I am back now, ready to document some recent acquisitions. Last weekend was an excellent one for junking. Great weather and the company of two junk posse members, Susie and Sharon. I got a head start on them by hitting a Friday sale run by my favorite estate sale wrangler, Vicki Taratoot. Vicki’s sale was in Buckhead, in a 1920s apartment building. The deceased must have had an interesting life. She was a heavy smoker, though, and the walls of her home were literally yellow with nicotine. Not pretty. But she left behind half a dozen furs, including a gorgeous black sheared black lamb carcoat purchased by Susie for $70. It fits and suits Susie to a T. I bought three darling aprons and a couple of Savannah interest souvenir plates which went to my booth at Seaside Sisters. But my favorite purchase–of last week and this, was an antique white ironstone lidded tureen. Shades of Eddie Ross! It even has a hallmark. And get this–I paid $5. Don’t hate me! The ironstone purchase prompted me to finally re-style the antique secretary in my living room, which had been empty since I stripped it of its Christmas finery. I propped it with several ironstone cream pitchers which I’ve been collecting, some starfish, and some old books. I’m no Eddie, but I’m happy with the results. I also bought a nicely framed pair of morning glory prints, which will end up in our master bedroom. This Friday, Jinxie and Mona and I set out for another Vicki sale, detouring past a sale in Druid Hills. Jinx got a couple of fabulous old arch-top French doors which she plans to mirror and use in her cottage in Sewanee, Mona got a wicker table, and I bought a galvanized tub of outdoor lights. Then it was on to the Vicki sale. Can you say wall-to-wall mirrors–and purple overdose? The home had been decorated back in the sixties by a hip n’ happenin’ interior designer–and nothing had been touched since. It was a time capsule of really regrettable design–at least to our sensibilites. However, I did manage to score a tarnished silverplated covered chafing dish for $8, which I’ll enjoy using for flower arrangements. We were having company over the weekend, so I made a sloppy, lopsided arrangement of daisies, stargazer lillies and bells of Ireland. Next time I’ll be more precise. But in the meantime, it’s Sunday, I’ve got fresh flowers, and new junk. Life is good.

3 thoughts on “I’m Baaaack”

  1. Hi there! I "googled" you this afternoon to find out when your next book is coming out, and what do I find but a blog? How exciting!

    I love the tureen. Fabulous find. I have my two little girls with me when I go out "junking" on weekends, so I don't always come home with much, but it's fun just the same.

    I'll be checking back in to read more of your posts. I love your books (Hissy Fit was my fave!), so I'm sure the blog will be great too! 🙂

  2. Your book shelves and decorations are so lovely to look at!I so love those shells. Plus you have you new camera to show them to us. Congrats!

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