Call me Crazy–Another Holiday Giveaway

I met my new Washington DC-based friend Sue, of Vintage Rescue Squad through the blogosphere. She’s a fellow junker, with a kinky sense of humor much like my own. We had a fun phone discussion about junk n’ stuff recently, and afterwards, put our heads together to come up with another fun giveaway on both our blogs. So here’s the deal. You can read one of Sue’s recent posts here, then click over there to read her take on our conversation. She’ll send her blog buddies over here, and eventually, we’ll take over the entire blogversity. Ours will be a benevolent dictatorsip, with mandatory daily chocolate intake, twice-weekly junk breaks, and hot and cold running Diet Coke. Did I mention that ours will be a world free of pantyhose, meanies and frozen fishsticks?

Don’t forget to come back over here and leave a comment in order to be eligible for the giveaway: Autographed copies of my Savannah trilogy: SAVANNAH BLUES, SAVANNAH BREEZE and BLUE CHRISTMAS. Contest ends midnight, Sat. Dec. 20.

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  1. I posted over at Sue's, but I wanted to tell you that I worked in the Savannah Barnes & Noble from 2003-4, when Little Bitty Lies came out. I'm pretty sure you came in to do a signing but I must not have been working that day. If I'd known we shared the love of junk, I'd have made sure I was on the schedule that day! 😀

  2. Please include me in your drawing. I would love to have an autographed copy of your book.


  3. Comment left at VRS and now one here! I’m sure I need sneaky lessons from Weezie-as soon as the weather clears, I will be out hunting her up!

    Enter me, too, please!

  4. Checked out Sue’s site- left her comment- really like her place. I’m hosting a cookie exchange next week with a Blue Christmas theme- I”m even serving Red Roosters!

  5. What a fun interview! (I just came over from Sue’s) I love her blog and got to meet her (we live close) and go to a flea market with her! I’d love to read your books….I need a good book to dive into over Christmas! I think I’ll gift myself one of your books! I enjoyed reading through your posts….the CHRISTMAS SWEATERS were HILARIOUS!

  6. Sue is one of my very favorite bloggers – for many reasons – and now I have to bookmark your blog. I have not yet read one of your books *hanging head in shame* but hope to remedy that over Christmas break. Would love to WIN your book! I have enjoyed cyber-meeting you.

  7. ok, not a world-class blog expert here. I didn’t get signed in as I usually do. Again, happy to hvae ‘met’ you.
    — arlene

  8. I'll give you the DEEP DISH & tell you I've got the SAVANNAH BLUES as I just left HHI after visiting my Mom and couldn't get out to Tybee to catch a SAVANNAH BREEZE (70 Degrees and gorgeous skies).

    Would you please print the address and hours for the Sea Sisters so I won't have the CHRISTMAS BLUES next week 'cause I missed the closing of the shop by 15 minutes.

    I'll tell you one of my ITTY BIYY LIES , I have a tendency to pitch HISSY FITS when that happens!

  9. Sounds great…put me in your drawing, pretty please? Found you on VRS blog…and will be back often. read Sue all the time…she cracks me up! *elaine*

  10. Fun interview, that Sue is a hoot. I just got Midnight Clear from the library so I could have a good holiday read for the break. Then I will of course have to go back and start at the beginning of the series. Something to look forward to. Happy Holidays! xo, suzy

  11. I am Sue’s (vrs) OG. I’ve been a “junker” for over 65 years, so it is no wonder she is also a “junker”. From the time Sue was an infant I took Sue and her sister Michelle on my junking excursions. Our house is chuck full of treasures that I have accumulated over the years. There is a story behind every treasure.
    We picked up Sue and Michelle at the airport this past Saturday to celebrate an early Christmas. When Sue started tellimg us about the interview with you, I became so engrossed in the story that I missed the turn on the turnpike resulting in a l-o-n-g trip home. What a wonderful interview.

  12. Hi! I just discovered your blog over at VRS. Your books sound like my type of reading. I love junk and reading mysteries. I enjoyed the interview Sue did with you. You had me at “swanky swigs”!

  13. Love your books and am looking forward to the next one. I would love to come down to Seaside Sisters sometime. It’s a long drive from Maryland, but I’m sure it would be worth it!!

  14. I love to junk but don’t do it often because the mister says I have enough junk already. He has a workshop that is packed to the gills with tools, etc. What’s with that? Anyway,I won in the last give a way so guess I’m not eligible for this one, but just wanted to leave a comment. After Christmas I am going on another diet and do more junkin’. At least the junkin part!

  15. I checked out Sue’s blog. I read Blue Christmas every year! I have read every other MKA book too. I recently got a friend reading the Savannah series and even won a copy of Blue Christmas for her from you.

  16. Sue sounds like so much fun, it is nice to find friend who has the same insterest as you. It makes your hobbie so much more fun. Count me in on the crazy Holiday giveaway. Maybe I’ll get lucky like my mom Becky525

  17. I would love to throw my hat into the ring for autographed copies of your books. If I win, I will give my current copies of your books to a dear friend. I love your writing.

  18. I commented on Sue’s blog. Thank you for the cranium’s up. I definitely would like to be entered in the drawing.

  19. Dear Mary Kay,
    I have one thing to say.
    Please include me in your drawing today!
    Mallory May
    (Except May really is my middle name! It works that well. :D)

  20. Loved Sue’s site…thanks for the great tip. I bought all my girlfriends “Screen Doors and Sweet Tea” for Christmas this year based on your recommendation earlier in the year. They LOVED it! Thanks!!

  21. My two loves in life (other than the kid and family, to be politically correct…) are writing and junking. I’ve been writing since I was a little girl and pretty much junking all that time too. It was only within the past two years that I came to put them together to form my blog. Writing about my junking trips makes it all the more fun. Be sure to visit some of us commenters – The first two and me are good blog-buddies along with a lot of the other commenters. Junkers unite!

  22. Hey Mary Kay! We must live in a twisted parallel universe! I haven’t been to Tybee since ’83…my sister lives in Clarksville, Ga.(I love it there!)…we always stop in Galax on the way home from the beach(and Clarksville!)…your reference to the Crispy Chick made me laugh out loud…and I had a Christmas tree in my bathtub last year too! Please add me to the contest!

  23. I posted at Sue’s and learned I had a much wanted folding yardstick…You learn something new everyday!.I treasure that yardstick as it was my late Dad’s and he used it all the time when we used to remodel old homes and resell them for a profit…Awwww the good old days…. Please sign me up again for the giveaway. I collect signed favorite authors books among many other things I collect. Hard to believe isnt it…I am a collector.

  24. love love love your books!~ The ex used to say I had too much junk… but I think I got rid of the worst of the Junk when he moved out …please slip my name in the book give a way…please

  25. I just read your “blue christmas” book and loved it! I on a waiting list for “Savannah Blues” but I love the fact that you added antiquing and junking in your books it makes a great read. Count me in on the drawing!

    [email protected]

  26. Merry Christmas Mary Kay! My sister got me addicted to your Savannahian world – but I’ve been holding off on reading Blue Christmas until this week (Hopefully I’ll get it for my birthday tomorrow!) Thanks for the great stories!

  27. Can’t believe I almost missed this contest. I’ve spent the last 6 days in hospital with no wifi 🙁 I have lots of browsing to catch up with. Glad I started with Kudzu Telegraph!

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