Holiday Skullduggery

Posse member Susie’s daughter Maggy was coming home from a semester abroad in Italy last night. It was a special occasion that called for a black bag job. We began reconnaissance of the ‘hood yesterday morning. Jinxie’s assignment was to find a discarded toilet. For years now, when any member of the posse has had an elegant party or event, posse members (and their husbands) have contributed a discarded commode to the outdoor decor. Jinxie radioed in at 1100 hours yesterday. Toilet in the dumpster on Stratford. Roger that. Jinx also requisitioned some large empty wine bottles from the recycling bin at the Farmer’s Market, along with some tasteful plastic poinsettias from the Dollar Store. She also created a rockin’ Welcome Home sign. (Jinx is a retired school teacher with many empty hours to fill.) When I got home from another mission last night (gift wrapping party at Katie’s house), the troops began to assemble. Mr. Mary Kay had liberated said commode from said dumpster. Jinx had the sign and the plastic posies. I contributed a fake white tree left over from last year’s Christmas tour, and the all-important cardboard Elvis. (Doesn’t everybody have a six-foot-tall cardboard Elvis in their basement?) We sent a scouting party over to Susie’s house to see if the target had vacated the premises for the airport. Three operatives; myself, Jinx and Shay, skulked around in the D’s backyard, checking for signs of occupancy. Curses! Maggy’s flight was delayed. Repeatedly. To be continued.

3 thoughts on “Holiday Skullduggery”

  1. my life is boring. By the way, I received my book for the give a way. It is not only beautiful with some wonderful table settings but it also has some wonderful southern recipes. Thanks so much and also for the signed card.

  2. I am soooo stealing the “commode” caper. It’s even funnier that you guys do recon to find a new one each time. Would an orthopedic toilet do in a pinch? I see those at EVERY estate sale I go to….


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