Don’t forget the Holiday Giveaway!

Cmon, you guys! Leave a comment, and take a chance at winning autographed copies of my SAVANNAH trilogy: SAVANNAH BLUES, SAVANNAH BREEZE and BLUE CHRISTMAS. Contest ends tonight at midnight. In the meantime, we’re actually down at Tybee Island right now, to do a walk-through on The Breeze Inn. The bathrooms are tiled, painting has started…so close, and yet so far. Hope to post updated pix this weekend. In the meantime, Don’t forget to go over to Vintage Rescue Squad for a second chance to win. My blog-buddy Vintage Sue is a retro-riffic queen!

14 thoughts on “Don’t forget the Holiday Giveaway!”

  1. Oh no, I have been so busy with Christmas festivities, it looks like I have missed the give-away! 🙁 I do Thank you for coming by my blog and leaving a kind comment! You are one of my three favorite authors. My favorite was the one featuring the The Breeze Inn, so I can’t wait to see your pictures from the weekend! My passion is thrifting and repurposing things, and this book just spoke to me on so many levels. Every time my husband and I ride down the boulevard at Myrtle Beach, I tell him just how much I would love to renovate one of the few old motels left. Now wonder where I got that idea? 🙂

    I hope you don’t mind if I add you to my favorite blogs list! I would love to drop in and see what is new with you! Have a great Christmas! ~Rhonda 🙂

  2. I browsed down through your posts and read about the horror stories of fixer-uppers. Bet I have one that will be a topper! LOL! I had a house before my husband and I were married. It has been empty for about 12 years. I would have rented it long before, but it needed a lot of cosmetic work. It is an old, 100 year old cottage…cute as could be in it’s heyday. But the years had been hard on it. So I finally rented to a man, who was to trade rent for work on the house. He did a lot of work and it was really shaping up, including clearing the “forest” that had taken over the once quaint and tidy yard. The month that our bartering was over, and he was due to pay rent, he was found dead in the house! Gruesome, I know. 🙁 So how is that for a horror fixer-upper story! We lost a great tennant! ~Rhonda

  3. I read your blog everyday and have posted many times regarding my love of junking. I have read all your books except the last! I was saving it for hard times, in the mean time I moved and now it’s in a box somewhere and I have no idea which box!
    I visit the “sisters” at Tybee every time I visit Savannah and I go to Paula’s brothers Uncle Bubba’s for lunch out that way. I bought a tole painted trashcan and a few other things from your booth in the past.
    Merry Christmas from Fernandina Bch!

  4. Hi – I’ve probably missed the cutoff, I’m in New Zealand and can’t remember the time difference but just in case I’d love to win your fabulous books!

  5. I would love to win your books – my husband and I had the best vacation in Savannah and Tybee Island and we can’t wait to make it a regular thing. I used to date someone from Tybee Island and I was secretly hoping I’d run into him! Ahhh, memories!


  6. I’m late to post for the giveaway, but I enjoyed the interview with Sue VERY much and I had already read all 3 of your books prior to meeting (via blogging) Sue. 🙂

  7. I hope I didn’t miss this. I love your books. I started reading them years ago when you used to post on the MBOL. Thank you for sharing with us.

  8. Another fan!! love your books!! I was so surprised reading Sue’s blog and finding YOU there!
    and thanks to her for listing your blog. My husband and I really enjoyed listening to your books on tape on our way to OBX for vacation this year from Ohio. (and yes you are right…….
    Ohio is great for junking! I’ll keep an eye out for your 1920 swimsuit)
    Happy Holidays!!

  9. okay, so i missed the “giveway” ~ hate that. Now, that I know you have a “blog” ~ I’ll be peaking in “everyday”.
    More “weezie” please ` write on…
    ~one vintage hag

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