Santa Claus sez: it’s Jeanie!

The crackerjack staff here at Mary Kay Andrews Global Industries employed a random number generator to pick the winner of my holiday book giveaway. Survey sez: It’s Jeanie–who was in the hospital without wi-fi for six days. Now that’s misery. Jeanie, hurry up and email [email protected] your snailmail addy so Grace can ship off your autographed copies of SAVANNAH BLUES, SAVANNAH BREEZE and BLUE CHRISTMAS. You can also hop over to Vintage Rescue Squad to see who won Vintage Sue’s giveaway of my books. PS, Jeanie, let me know how you want your books signed. Happy Holidays! Keep watching this space. Hope to give an update on the Tybee house later today, after I finish some last minute Christmas shopping.

2 thoughts on “Santa Claus sez: it’s Jeanie!”

  1. In the hospital and no wi-fi, now that’s someone who deserves to win such a fabulous giveaway! xo, suzy

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