Check me out in March Coastal Living..Sorta

I was thrilled to see my friends Tad and Erica Wilson’s gorgeous Tybee Island home, called Amazing Grace, featured prominently here in this month’s COASTAL LIVING. The house, in my opinion, is the most beautiful on Tybee, situated on a large lot on the Back River, and preserved and restored by the always amazing Jane Coslick, and furnished with love by Erica, who, like me, has a serious jones for junking. I met Erica and Tad through Jane a couple of years ago, and eventually scammed an invitation to go down to Tybee and stay in their guest cottage and meet with Erica’s book club. In the history of MKA scams–and believe me, I’ve pulled some scams, this was my personal best. I got to stay in the cottage, do a little writing, and hang out with this warm and friendly couple and their three adorable children. I even got to meet Erica’s sisters and mom that weekend. That’s Grace, for whom the house is named, sitting on the floor looking at a storybook in the photo above. And what’s that on the shabby chic chest to her right? Schnikeys! It’s a stack of books by…Mary Kay Andrews! And the funny thing is, I’d been poring over the CL story and photos, admiring again the loveliness of what Jane and Erica have created, and totally missed seeing my own books in the photo, until I was clued in by an alert fan. What a treat it is to read and re-read this feature on a blissfully beautiful summer beach house–especially on a day like today, when we here in Atlanta are being treated to a rare snowfall. So glad to be cozy and warm at home today. I had a blast meeting friends and fans during my signings over the weekend in Nashville and then Memphis. I even took a sidetrip to the Nashville Fairgrounds Flea Market on Friday. I guess because Friday is setup day, and it was cold and rainy, pickings seemed pretty slim. Still, I did manage to snag a vintage porcelain flamingo for the Breeze Inn. By the time I finished my signing at DAVIS-KIDD in Memphis yesterday, it was raining. I got in my rental car, hoping to do a little junking, and immediately the rain turned to sleet. Five minutes later, snow was creating a near white-out. I junked the junking plans, sped (carefully) to the airport, and hopped an earlier flight out. We had to get de-iced before take-off–a first for me, but I made it home safe and sound, just in time for the snow to follow me east. Thank GAWD Mr. Mary Kay made a pot of chili for us already. Maybe we’ll even have a fire in the fireplace today. Stay warm and dry, y’all.

2 thoughts on “Check me out in March Coastal Living..Sorta”

  1. How pretty that place is! Lucky you to get an invitation to stay there too. I love that they have your books stacked up.

  2. I flipped over this house when I saw photos of it in Coastal Living. How very cool that you got to see it in person and meet the owners!

    I’m a big fan of Jane Coslick’s work, too. My fantasy is to have a beach cottage decorated by her someday. 🙂

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