6 thoughts on “Watch out Spielberg…My first movie!”

  1. LOVED it!!! You don’t need no stinkin’ Speielberg! You’ve got it going on!! Weezie and Wyatt are SO cute!!!


  2. Your house is so cute!! We enjoyed the snow in Birmingham too. It was perfect. It snowed in the morining and was sunny in the afternoon so it all melted away. All the beauty none of the mess.

  3. Thanks for sharing that snowy day! My daughter and hubby live just off Memorial Hwy., not far from you, and she was giving me a blow-by-blow of the snow and their new dog eating snow off the deck and generally going ballistic in the backyard. We love the area you live in, lucky you! Hmm, new title for future MKA biography: The Perfect Life. You go girl!

  4. WOW!! I’m thrilled to have received a comment from you on my blog post re: my Mom. I’ve been heving a very bad, horrible no good week and haven’t so much as looked at my computer in a couple days. What a thrill to find a comment from one of my new favorite writers! Thank you for taking the time, and for your sweet blessings…twice. *elaine*

  5. Flip video cam? You mean to say your junky AND technical? Wow! Love the house, the dogs and “the snow by God” credit.
    Stay warm.
    P.S. Thanks for stopping by!

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