Fixer Upper Contest–with Eddie Ross

Last week when he was here for his Scott’s Antique Market shop-a-thon, Top Design super-star Eddie Ross and I cooked up a little contest to celebrate this week’s publication of THE FIXER UPPER. So here’s the deal:
Leave me a comment about one item in your home on which you’d like to have Eddie perform his FIXER UPPER magic. Maybe it’s that tired country cutesy kitchen window treatment, or your Aunt Mildred’s fugly mahogany china cabinet, or maybe it’s a sofa—a dreaded plaid Herculon nightmare from your early John Denver decorating phase. We’ll have a random drawing, and one winner will win a FIXER UPPER photo consult with Eddie. This means you’ll email him a photo of the item in question, and he’ll come up with a magical solution to your design dilemma. And I’ll send you a personally autographed copy of THE FIXER UPPER. Deadline is midnight June 30. Let’s review:
1. Comments only.
2. Only one potential fixer-upper item please, not an entire room. Eddie’s a genius, but he’s not Houdini!
3. Do NOT send me a photo of your item. When we announce the winner, that person and that person ONLY can email a photo of the fixer upper item.
4. We’re talking inanimate objects. Let’s keep it clean, okay?
5. Eddie’s FIXER UPPER solution will involve suggestions. He’s really not prepared to show up at your crib brandishing a can of spray paint and a glue gun.

19 thoughts on “Fixer Upper Contest–with Eddie Ross”

  1. Hi Mary,
    Just found your blog through Eddie and Jaithan. Looks like you had a great time with them. Will be back often, glad to have found you.

  2. I read both your blogs so wasn't
    sure if I could enter this contest
    on both blogs. But I love your
    books and will wait to buy till
    I see if I won. I have a blank
    wall opposite by bed that needs
    help some how.

  3. Pick me! Pick me! I have a picture window in the living room that I can never seem to find the right thing for. Please help. Can't wait to read the new book. I keep loaning my MKA books and losing them, because i forget who has them. Anyway, it gets new readers for you.

  4. Hi!
    I'd like to find an ingenious way to hide my kitty litter pans. They are in my laundry room. I bought a screen to hide, but it just doesn't work very well. I need help!!!
    Love you MKA! You rock!!

  5. In my 600 square foot apartment lives a 1927 Kimball baby grand. A beautiful piano with a great sound, but you see how things are. She takes up and inordinate amount of sitting/walking/breathing space. Because of this, just allowing the gratuitous tinkling of her ivories (real ones. GASP!) isn't enough…she must pull her decorating weight. HELP! HELP HELP!!

    And the very idea that Mr. Eddie could weave his magic via internet…while I'm sipping on a cooling tonic and reading a FREE copy of the much-anticipated Fixer Upper…well, that would just be beyond wonderful. I best start mixing the cooling tonic…sangria?

  6. Just love your books and can't wait to read The Fixer Upper. My dilemma is a family room wall. One end of the room has a fireplace while the opposite end of room has a built in bookcase unit (did I mention that this is the same bookcase that holds all my Mary Kay books!). I have a wide gap on the wall that connects these 2 walls. I have a few pictures on it and the TV sits on a cedar chest there but it still looks bare. Please "fixer upper" my family room for me!

  7. I have my grandmother's cheery Duncan-Fife table that needs some serious help! Looking forward to the book- I actually gave a copy away in a contest I did on my blog! Fun, fun!
    ps- not sure if I spelled duncan fife correctly….please odn't hold it against me.

  8. My fireplace is 80s gray brick in an otherwise fabulous and bright living room. I want to do SOMETHING to it but I'm scared to mess it up!

  9. I left a comment for Eddie about my pink dresser and how it works with my beach cottage

    needing some expert advice…


  10. Love your books, love Eddie Ross! What a fantastic contest!

    My item is my couch. It's brown. It's microsuede. It's getting old. And between two dogs, one 6-month-old, and a husband, it's a mess. I would love an easy solution to make it look better and keep it CLEAN. (Although "clean" and "baby" don't exactly go hand-in-hand like many people would have me believe…)

  11. Hi Mary. I really like your books and can't wait to read Fixer Upper! The thing I could really use Eddie's help with is a pair of wicker wingback chairs I've rescued. They're in decent shape but could use some love. I've also bought and returned so many pillows to try to match and fit them, that I've finally given up.


  12. I have an armoire that is white with plaid doors. The shape of the piece is adorable, but I can't figure out how to make it work with the rest of my home decor. Right now, it looks like a nursery item, but I want it to look like a living room item. I hope that I win! And Mary Kay, thanks for making me your Facebook friend! 🙂

  13. I have a white armoire with red gingham doors… The shape of the piece is great, but I don't know how to change the look of it to make it work with the rest of my house. I hope I win! Oh, and thanks for adding me on Facebook, Mary Kay!

  14. I'm heading to the beach on Saturday and you know what I'll be reading while I'm there!

    I'm looking for help with a wicker sofa in my living room–big floral pattern upholstery in pinks/greens; wicker is actually light pastels. REALLY outdated! Would welcome any suggestions! Thanks for the opportunity to be fixed up!

  15. Hi! Came over from Eddie's blog and I'm so glad to have found you. I've already pre-ordered your new book–p.r., politics, humor AND home restoration?–I couldn't resist. I'll be on the lookout for your older titles too and definitely back here to spend more time when I have it.
    Have a Happy Weekend!

  16. Hi! I'm so excited to have found this contest just before it ends. I have an antique oak dining room table with a beautiful pedestal base and (*gasp*) a strange veneer round top!?!? I love the base and keep the top covered with average looking toppers and cloths… )-: I lovelovelove the table, as it was from my childhood home, but I despise the top. helphelphelp


  17. I love reading your Blog, and can't wait to read your book. I'm in need of help "fixin up" a Chifforobe I bought for $50. It is in good condition. I has three draws on one side and a door on the other that use to be for hanging clothes. I'd like to use it to store things in my liberty /computer room. The dark wood stain thats on it just doesn't fit with my white furniture. I need a solution? Where do I begin? I can't wait to hear Eddie's recommendation for a makeover.

  18. Hi MKA,

    It was nice seeing you again at QRB last week. I've just barely started reading the book…gotta savor it ya know! My item is a 'hutch' that I got from my grandmother's house when we cleared her estate last month. I remember this piece being in her kitchen for ever. Now it's mine but I'm not sure what to do with it. It needs a lot of help and I think it has loads of potential.

  19. I recently came across your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I don't know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.


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