Home again, home again

So. Five days on the Georgia coast. Not bad work, if you can get it. Last Friday I loaded up Mr. Mary Kay’s biiiggg car, and headed down to Savannah and Tybee Island. But first, I stopped at a couple estate sales. Excellent finds there. The first sale of the day was an estate sale in Brookhaven, run by Vicki Taratoot. Vicki’s sales are mostly in the Buckhead area, and this one was a goodie. I bought a small wicker coffee table (which I later painted sky blue), a big wicker lidded basket which is going to replace the ugly white plastic trashcan in my kitchen, a great quilt that looks like it’s never been used, two blue and white quilt tops, and a white matelasse bedspread. I thought I’d put the quilts in my booth, but I can’t quite part with them…so far. Stay tuned for pix of my current house project, which is summerizing my living, dining and sunrooms. The next sale was only a few miles away in Brookhaven, run by some gals who have a shopping problem that seems to rival mine. I bought a pair of great antique Jenny Lind twin beds, which I then painted a soft jadeite green, to put in the booth at SEASIDE SISTERS. Also a pair of lovely lamp bases, which are glass, decoupaged with vintage prints of seashells. They are also a part of the summerization scheme. I’ve already topped them with the lamp shades from my red lamps–which have been sent down to the basement annex for the summer. I finally got on the road by noon last Friday. Friday night I checked into my adorable cottage, which was the former mess hall at the old Ft. Screven at Tybee. As always, this Mermaid Cottage was the perfect place to bunk for the weekend. Saturday I went to an art in the yard party with Diane Kaufman of Mermaid Cottages, and two other friends. The sale was at the home of artist Pam Martin, who paints fun, kitschy folk art. Of course, we were forced to junk on the way down there, and I bought four great retro rattan swivel barstools and a vintage tin breadbox, which was lined with a 1960s-era copy of The Savannah Morning News, which was the first newspaper I worked at after college. Sunday, I hung out at our tent sale at SEASIDE SISTERS. Didn’t sell as much as I’d hoped, altho it was fun hanging out with my friend Polly. Monday, I cruised on down to St. Simon’s Island. I met friends Keith and Chrys for lunch at Christy’s, a fairly new restaurant in downtown Brunswick. I was a bad, bad girl, and ordered mac and cheese with ham and artichokes. Lawwwwd. It was some kind of good. Chrys and I then proceeded to junk our way around Brunswick, which has four excellent antique malls. I picked up a cute Lloyd Loom wicker endtable for my booth, and a great vintage cadet blue shower curtain with chenille anchor detailing. Spent Monday night with old friends, the Johnsons, who have a wonderful house in the village at St. Simon’s, near the village. On Monday, I finally got around to the real reason for my coastal visit, which was a talk and booksigning at The Sea Island Golf Club. What a gorgeous setting! I could get used to living like that. Later in the day, I had another signing at GJ Ford Booksellers, where owner Mary Jane Reed always makes me feel like a rockstar. Dinner last night was with friends Jimmy and Miriam, and Pam and Charles. Pam was my roommate at UGA, so you know we go waaaaaay back. The setting, at the Cloister, was beyond beautiful. And speaking of rockstars, when you check into the Cloister, that is how you are treated. I’ve spent time at lots of lovely hotels over the years (courtesy of HarperCollins), but now I know I was only slumming. I spit on the Ritz-Carlton. Ptttooey! I had my own BUTLER at The Cloister. I lolled in a bath of luxurious seasalt and watched television. I had personalized stationary waiting on my desk in my riverfront suite. I was totally out of my league. I kept waiting for somebody to tap me discreetly on the shoulder and quietly escort me off the premises. Fortunately, I made it out of there before they discovered my trashy background. And now…back to reality.

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  1. I love the Cloister, also! But there’s a little ol’ place up in the Blue Ridge of Virginia, a tiny town called Washington about 90 minutes southwest of the big town with the same name, that boasts an Inn which reduces the Cloister to slumming. Honest.

    Just picked up Deep Dish and can’t wait ’til I’m done grading finals so I can dig in!

  2. Hello!
    I am currently listening to Savannah Blues, and I am LOVING it. I just found your books recently through my audiobook provider.. and I am SO loving Weezie! She is great! I am glad to see that she appears in another book, and BeBe appears in a sequel too. YAY!

    I tend to post a lot, and I also tend to write long posts.. I am a frequent poster on Kristin Hannah’s Blog.. and I was very excited when she actually wrote back.. Do you respond to your fans as well?

    If you do, could you tell me if Weezie is modeled after your own life? I ask because when I was reading this blog entry, I noticed that you use a lot of the terms that Weezie uses in Blues.. and I am guessing that you go “junking” like she does in your books. I will have to do research and find out what jadeite is. I think I know what it is.. but I am not at all sure.. it sounds devine though.. and Daniel is just HOT!!

    Thanks for the entertainment!

    I am also glad to see that you are actually living somewhere on my side of the country. I love in Clayton, NC.. so I may have a chance of coming to a future book signing in Raleigh NC should you ever come to Barnes and Noble, Borders, etc.. Kristin lives somewhere in the area of Washington State, so she rarely makes it to the East Coast for book signings. I went through all of her books that I could find on unabridged audio, after I read Magic Hour..

    I won’t keep you any longer…I am really glad to see that you have a blog though! Blogs are hard work..
    Congratulations on your daughter’s graduation.. I know you are very happy about that!

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