May means Mothers Day and Grads

It was a very special weekend for our family. Thursday, I flew to Phoenix with Mr. Mary Kay and the Boomerang Boy to attend our daughter Katie’s graduation from Arizona State University. We were met here by my son-in-law Mark’s family, who were also here for this great occasion. This is an event that has been eight years in the making. Katie started school at the University of Missouri, which is where she met Mark, who is a Missouri boy. She dropped out of Mizzou in the middle of her junior year, eventually moved back to Atlanta, where she worked at various jobs before returning to school at a local community college. After the kids got married and moved to Phoenix, Katie attended a community college here before moving on to Arizona State. Thursday night we had a big family dinner out, and the kids gave Jane and I our mother’s day gifts–a spa day! Friday we lolled around the Lamar Day Spa here in Phoenix, where we were treated to facials, massages, pedicures, and for me, a haircut and color. What a relaxing experience. This morning, we loaded up the rental car and motored over to Wells Fargo Arena, where we were thrilled to cheer for our girl. Katie graduated with a B.A. in interdisciplinary studies, with concentrations in communications and journalism. Next stop–Atlanta–where Mark has accepted a job, and where Katie is job hunting. Now, if anybody reading this would like to buy an ADORABLE home in Chandler, AZ. you should definitely email me care of this blog. Did I mention the house is ADORABLE? And that, said buyer would be entitled, by buying said house, not only to an ADORABLE house, but also, a lifetime of free Mary Kay Andrews books? I mention this because, until said house is sold, Katie and Mark, and their dog Tybee, will be residing at Chez Mary Kay, in the room recently vacated by Boomerang Boy, who has decamped to a rental house nearby. This would bring the dog population at Chez Mary Kay up to THREE, which may or may not be in violation of county ordinances. In the meantime, tomorrow, I start the great American junk roadtrip with my friend Beth. We are motoring up to the Brimfield Antique Market in Mass., where I hope to score lots of primo junk, and where I also hope to send back dispatches and photos. Happy Mom’s Day to All!

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  1. Come on girl! Tell me about Brimfield! I’ve always wanted to go so I’m sitting on pins and needles to hear what all you found.

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