Junk Throwdown Winners

Wow! After my junk buddy Sue from Vintage Rescue Squad joined me for a junk throwdown at Scott’s Antique Market a couple weeks ago, we invited y’all to guess whose haul was whose. Guess we must be pretty predictable, because just about everybody was able to connect the dots. If you were not correct, or didn’t guess, my haul was A–the $10 bar cart and 3 blue Ball jars with zinc tops for $10, and Sue’s was the vintage basketball poster and dominoes. By divine intervention (meaning I asked Mr. Mary Kay to give me a random number) the winner of my The Fixer Upper beach basket o’ goodness is Mona Kay from Creating A Vintage Life.
Sue, despite a vicious case of poison ivy, managed to do a random drawing and chose Angie at http://www.fabulousthriftyfinds.blogspot.com/ as the recipient of her big box o’ emphera.
Thanks everybody, for playing along, and be sure to watch next time for our interstate spelling bee and trivia fest. (Kidding, although I’m thinkin’ she’d probably whoop my azz at spelling, since she was an English major, although I might give her a run for her money with trivia, since my so-called brain is a goldmine of useless information.)

2 thoughts on “Junk Throwdown Winners”

  1. That was fun to watch the throw down! I saw that everyone was guessing correctly but it was fun. Loved your finds..Congrats to the winners!!

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