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MKA’s McGyvered Manuscript

News bulletin. Your erstwhile blogger is in revision hell. She is overdue, cranky, pathetically needy. Her newest novel is printed out, its chapters scattered all over her sunroom floor, with giant post-it notes telling her what those chapters are trying to accomplish. Her characters are balking at letting their story go, and her editor, up there in New York, is tapping her foot impatiently, beating out a Morse code-like message that seems to say ‘FINISH THE DAMNED BOOK, ALREADY.’ In short, your correspondent is not herself.

The curb sofa that got away

How do we know this? Because she missed out on this super-swell curbside bonanza 1940s sofa this week. Can you believe it? She walked past it, photographed it with Mr. Mary Kay’s cellphone, then strolled home and waited a fateful twenty minutes or more before going back to pick it up in the family truck. Of course, by the time she got her rear in gear and got back there, another neighborhood scavenger was already loading said sofa in her vehicle. Sob. So yes, dear reader, this is what I do, the sacrifice I make for art. Be assured, however, that the revisions are underway, and I intend to make those pesky characters toe the line. Because there’s an estate sale Friday, and there’s a limit to what one poor author can endure.

8 thoughts on “We Interrupt this Blog”

  1. I have to admit I blew up the picture of the chapters to try and squint really hard to see who you're writing about…Julia, huh? Ellis, huh? (sigh) Guess I'll have to wait…

  2. I'll admit it: I blew up the pic of the chapters and squinted really hard to see who you're writing about! Julia, huh? Ellis, huh? (sigh) I guess I'll just have to wait…

  3. I cannot believe you missed that sofa! OK the book has got to be finished so you can get back to the other important things in life!!

    I'm heading out to the World's Longest Yard Sale tomorrow!! I will be showing all my fun finds in the next couple of weeks.

  4. I am in love with that sofa–and I sobbed right along with you about it being loaded by the time you arrived!

    And I know your novel will be amazing–I recommend you to everyone…love your books!

  5. I so admire your discipline. I can barely keep my butt in the chair long enough to do a blog post. There will be other sofas! But get a lot done today, for heaven's sake, because estate sales are not to be missed.

  6. I understand your diappointment over missing the sofa but some things just aren't meant to be. Karma. A better something will be on the curb waiting for you soon I feel sure.

    As for the book – can't wait. When is expected release date?

  7. From the mountains in North Georgia to the shore in Waikiki, two cousins and many friends are so anxious to get your new book. We will wait: just take your time, don't stress. We will get great joy from reading it whenever it arrives.
    – East and West of PCH

  8. Man, can't tell you how many times this has happpened to me. Early bird & all that…
    Just wanted you to know that after reading "The Fixer Upper" went to $ store & bought Fabuloso. It lives up to it's name!

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