Chairish is the word I use to describe

The Goldilocks approach to junking for chairs

Yes, I know I should have stayed home this morning to finish what my agent and I have come to call TFB–a mysterious acronym for The Friggin’ Book. Only we use a very bad word instead of friggin’. But I stayed home yesterday, ignoring the call of several promising estate sales. And I worked very, very hard all week long, trying to finish revisions of TFB. And I swear, I am this close. But all work and no junking makes MKA a very cranky girl. So posse member Shay and I saddled up and set out this morning for an estate sale in Buckhead, run by Vicki. We love Vicki’s sales, because she gets down to business. Vicki greeted me this morning with the news that she liked the sex scenes in LITTLE BITTY LIES, which she’d just finished reading at the beach, which made us both giggle like naughty school-girls. We traded some more naughty gossip, and then I got down to junking. My first purchase was the little wicker boudoir chair above. Later I found the fun green butterfly chair in the garage. My parents had a pair of those when I was a kid in the ’60s, in a hip orange, so I was happy to find this ‘lil green butterfly, which will join the wicker chair at my booth at Seaside Sisters. I was getting ready to check out when I spotted a trunk which Vicki had just unearthed. Digging around inside, I came up with the adorable plush baby blanket from the ’50s, which is in new condition. And then I found the fun chenille high school letters. Remembering our naughty talk, I suggested that somebody could pin those letters on their sweater and tell everybody they lettered in ‘SLUT’ in high school. Immediately, I realized this is a line I could use in my new book–so you see, junking is a valuable creative outlet for writers. At least that’s what I tell myself. We motored on to another sale, which was a bust, except that it’s always fun to see estate sale ladies like Ann and Dell and Myrtice. And at the last sale of the day, I struck gold with this primo newly slipcovered wing chair. It’s done in great beachy blue stripes and looks like it just came from a showroom. Yay me! If I could find a spot in The Breeze Inn for this lovely, I would, but I think we’ve got a gracious plenty of chairs there, so this puppy will be heading down to my Seaside Sisters booth next weekend. And in the meantime, I’ll have it to “chairish” for at least a week, until I send this and my other treasures off to worthy new homes. Also, now that my creative juices have been re-filled, I’ll just finish TFB.

5 thoughts on “Chairish is the word I use to describe”

  1. Oh my gosh…worth the trip out I'd say…adorable finds!! Really glad that your creative juices have had a little kick…so…so looking forward to TFB!!
    Happy Weekend !!

  2. No pressure, but I just finished reading The Fixer-Upper tonight and I need you to get cracking on TFB, okay?

  3. My parents had those butterfly chairs and they gave them to me for one of my first apartments. What I wouldn't give to have them now! Great finds and you know junkin is good for the creative soul.

  4. Love those chairs, Come on to mama at Seaside Sisters. I'll just toss out Polly's stuff and make room for these!

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