Close Cover Before Striking

All in a weekend’s junking

For a brief, shining moment this week, I thought I was done with TFB. (The Friggin’ Book.) Then came a phone call Friday, from my editor, and a six-page edit letter explaining what further trimming and tweaking is needed for the manuscript in ROUND TWO. Ah well. Another opportunity for greatness, right? In between, editorial discussions, I managed to sneak in a little junking at a couple of estate sales and this month’s Scott’s Antique Market.

Posse member Susie and I did a quick sweep at Scott’s on Thursday, which is set-up day. I spied this stuffed wolf, or is it a coyote? peeking out of a dealer’s van.

Taxidermy coyote? peeking out of van at Scott’s Market

The only thing I bought was a vintage cabinet card of a solemn little boy dressed in a sailor suit. I was so struck by his charm that I immediately went home and scored four more little sailor children from eBay and Etsy. They’ll either join this lil’ fella in our nautical bedroom at The Breeze Inn, or make a collection at my booth at Seaside Sisters. I do love a theme, ya know–which is why I have dozens of vintage beach and bathing suit photos scattered around the Breeze and my booth. In fact, I bought a few more little black and white beach snaps to add to the goodness in the booth.

A solemn little sailor boy
On Friday, Mr. Mary Kay made a rare outing to an estate sale with me. He was looking for a power tool for an upcoming construction project at the Breeze, but the tool that was advertised was not the right thing. Still, he was surprisingly patient while I cruised through the sale. I did manage to snag a pair of scrolly wrought iron planter thingies, but the big buy of the day was a set of 16 vintage Griffith’s milk glass spice jars. After some research on eBay I was thrilled to learn that I’d snagged a rarity–16–and they all have their original paper labels intact. They are going right to my booth!

Despite my vow to stay home and work this morning, I caved and went back to Scott’s. But hey, I got home by noon. I did a fast tour of the outdoor dealers and got a neat pre-1960s globe, a vintage framed Girl Scout photo (Girl Scouts were founded in Savannah, you know), and the best buy of the day, an old jar with wire bail handle, full of old matchbook covers. I had the best time sorting through them when I got home. There are several covers for Atlanta area hotels and restaurants, including one from a furniture store that was located right in my little bitty town, as well as covers from Ohio, California and New York. But the best one of all–this little beauty, which is apparently an ad for uh, “social responsibility”. Love the graphics and the slogan–“You’re no MATCH…Don’t get Burned…Use Cover. And the flip side? “…for V.D. NO IS THE BEST TACTIC…The Next Prophyactic.” Couldn’t have said it better myself!

Don’t get burned…or VD!

7 thoughts on “Close Cover Before Striking”

  1. Love your finds. That picture of the boy looks a bit weird, his head looks way to big for the his body and what a look on his face.

  2. Yes, that photo does make the boy look like he has a balloon head-but it is charming. Oooh the spice bottles-good for you!

  3. These items are great! I've been looking for similar S&P shakers with the flour or drippings container to make the set but, no luck. I did find a humpty dumpty Irmi lamp for $8 today and was thrilled to see it selling upwards of $50! Don't you just love that rush from getting a good score!

  4. HEY MKA!! Thanks for the tip of Tipp City! I am going to see if it will work into the itinerary! I plan on hitting Scotts one day soon. I'll let you know when!
    LOVE & LUST the matchbook cover. Sue at VRS is gonna flip when she sees this!

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