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Sorry I’ve been away from the blog for two whole weeks. But life has been crazy. I finally finished the last set of revisions for TFB (the friggin’ book). I’m beyond ecstatic about the final product, which is called SUMMER RENTAL, and which should be out next summer. And then I had to launch immediately into coming up with an idea for the book for summer 2012. And I did. I really love this idea and can’t wait to get started. And then I had to go down to Tybee and get The Breeze Inn ready for Boomerang Boy’s birthday celebration. He and a “few” of his closest friends gathered there this past weekend, and the good news is that there were no arrests and the place is reportedly still standing. While I was there, I stocked my booth at Seaside Sisters chockful of excellent treasures. You should go check it out, and check into The Breeze Inn. Did I mention, it’s still standing?

Chalkware kittycat
As soon as I got home from Tybee, it was time to take off for Lake Oconee, where some posse members celebrated our friend Shay’s double-nickel birthday. The guys golfed and the girls shopped. We had a great time junking in Greensboro and Madison, where, of course, HISSY FIT is set. I picked up the chalkware kitty for a song at an antique mall in Greensboro.

This adorable toy ironing board and iron came from the Madison Marketplace antique mall and reminded me I might need to catch up on my ironing. No maker’s mark that I can find, but I just couldn’t pass this up, or the Tom Thumb toy typewriter at the top of the page. I seem to have a thing for children’s tin toys. I’ve sold at least three Tom Thumb cash registers, a couple of tin phones, and now the above typewriter, which I’m tempted to keep, since I do make a living from typing, right?

Madison has so many cute shops, including a great vintage clothing consignment shop, where I found this cute black faille pocketbook with lucite fastener and handles. It’ll look great with the vintage black satin slips accented with rhinestone bling that I put in the booth last week. I can just picture some cute young SCAD (Savannah College of Art and Design) girl wearing these for a fun evening out.

And now? I must sail away, although not on this spiffy chalkware sailing ship bookend I found in Greensboro. Busy week ahead with starting proposal for the new book, and then on Saturday, I’m headed for Ohio where I’ll team up with junk buddy Barb for a trip to the Country Living Antique Fair in Columbus, followed by a junk junket all the way through Indiana and Illinois to Champaign, where I’m giving a talk for the library Sept. 30th. Hope to see some of you along the way!

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  1. Oh, MK, will you be back in the Atlanta area for the Country Living Fair at Stone Mountain in October? If so, I'll keep an eye out for you!

  2. So happy the final revisions on TFB are done! Looking forward to it being published next summer! You have been a busy gal and I love your toy treasures. Have a great junkin trip!

  3. Sounds like fun. Love your finds.
    I'm off to Edisto Thurs. for Cousin Gail's daughter Aly's wedding at Cypress Trees Plantation. Cousin Meg, Aunt Boodie and I are doing the bridesmaids' luncheon for 25 at Meg's on Friday. Mama has contributed her silver. I'll let you know how it goes; Meg doing all the flowers, of course, plus making bridal mints. Uncle Robert contributing his pecan tarts. I am supplying funds for the pimento cheese biscuits. Why do I feel like I'm living "Marsh Madness''?!
    Safe travels.
    Love, Nancy

  4. Oh, that iron and ironing board! I like your standards for kid parties. I used to consider a birthday party a success if nobody cried and nobody got hurt – maybe no arrests and no structural damage are good things to add to the list as they get older…

  5. MK – Just had to say I also love little children's toys. That ironing board and iron caught a sigh from me….I am going to roam around in the attic – its been years and my son's toys are calling me to be organized and treasured properly. Hummer

  6. Oh how happy I am to have found your blog!! I am sadly/happily new to your books… I just finished Deep Dish and I even typed up the tomato soup cake recipe from the back.. yes, it is a library book and I did not want to make a xerox copy.. can't wait to try it.. my mom made a tomato soup cake and I loved it as a kid. Love love your books and your characters. Ok, so maybe I grew up north of the Mason Dixon but my mom was from East Tennessee and I spent darn near every summer at my grandparents, and aunt's house and have many childhood memories from there.. now to reserve Hissy Fit and Fixer Upper at the library.. and I swear I must get to Atlanta and visit your shop! Would love to meet you in person.. you are a delight and I am not just bumpin' my gums!

  7. You MUST stop at Midland Arts and Antiques in downtown Indianapolis. My most recent find was a corner cabinet for $90!

  8. I just realized that my blog has been stuck on April for your link and I have missed so much!!! I need to get that fixed…

    You are one great huntress when it comes to junking!

    Of course, I am thrilled new books are in the works, I am always so sad when I finsh one! Congrats on the final revisions.

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