The Great Midwest Junk Junket

Tomorrow I fly to Dayton, Ohio, to hook up with junk buddy Barb. We’ll hit the Country Living Antique Fair in Columbus, on Sunday, and then we’ll start our Midwest odyssey, heading across Ohio, and Indiana, to Illinois, with possibly a detour to Iowa. To tell ya the truth, being a directionally challenged Southern gal, I couldn’t swear that we won’t hit Wyoming or Kansas on the way, although I don’t think so. Anyway, watch this space to follow up on all our cool junking adventures.

3 thoughts on “The Great Midwest Junk Junket”

  1. I am so excited for your new book! I've read all of the others multiple times.

    Enjoy your time at the Country Living Fair! My mom and I DROVE to the Fair in 07 – and we're from just north of Atlanta! It was a fun roadtrip, and we discovered the cute town of Lebenon, OH, though the Fair itself was a bit disappointing.

    Do you plan to go when it's at Stone Mountain?

  2. Mary Kay,
    You will have to let us know when you are in Illinois! I'll buy you a piece of apple pie and coffee. My friend just shared your books with me.

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