Me n’ Eddie

Eddie and I–a tender moment at Scott’s
Souvenir tablecloth for beach house window treatment
Floursack pillow sham for boomerang boy’s room

French market basket for linen storage at beach

My dream date with Eddie Ross was almost perfect. We shared malteds at the drive-in, then somebody put a dime in the jukebox and we danced to “our” song–“Muskrat Love”, and he gave me his high school letter sweater. You know he lettered in audio-visual, right? And then we went parking down at the overlook. Oh wait. Time out. I think maybe I made up some of that stuff. Okay, all of it. I do write fiction for a living–remember? Maybe I watched a little too much Laverne and Shirley in my formative years. Anyway, after I got my junkin’ mojo back with a Saturday visit to Scott’s (see my finds above) we had a terrific time at Scott’s Antique Market today with the fabulous Eddie Ross. Katie and I met Eddie and Jaithan–and about 30 others, at the South Building at Scott’s this morning. Since the vendors didn’t open for an hour, Eddie filled us in on his background, gave us some of the inside scoop on Top Design, and answered tons of questions before we started touring the building. We stopped at some of Eddie’s favorite dealers, and he gave us pointers on painting furniture—always prime veneered furniture before painting–how to keep a room filled with antiques from looking too “granny”–mix in contemporary fabrics and accessories. He talked about choosing affordable art, thrifty tips for framing, and lots more. All kidding aside, I think Eddie’s appeal is that he is all about accessible, real-life design, mixing vintage and antiques with well-designed affordable mass market goods. He’s not above telling you that he adores the upholstered headboards at Ballard Designs, or suggesting that you pick up a $20 print and pair it with a simple black frame from Michael’s. Afterwards, Katie and I lured Eddie and Jaithan over to one of our favorite vendors at Scott’s–Uncle Woody’s, for some chicken salad and shop-talk. It looks like 2009 will be the year of Eddie Ross. He’s got a book in the works, licensing deals, and some cool upcoming magazine stuff. And he and Jaithan are moving to the country. I’ll be moving there shortly too, I’m sure. Just as soon as Eddie gently breaks the news to Jaithan that he is so five minutes ago…

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  1. I love it too! I’m so glad Eddie provided the link to your blog. I’m hoping Eddie and Jaithan to come to D.C. It’s only logical it should be the next stop!

    I’ll be sure to check your blog often! Fun stuff!

  2. You are cracking me up because I joke about Eddie and I being best friends! I went to Scott’s on Saturday and got a few things, too. Come on over to my blog to see the cute pic of Rhoda, Eddie and me!

  3. Love your writing! FYI: Eddie is my babydoll to keep:)…I am trying to convince him to come here to NC.

    I will definitely be back with a cup of tea, to read more. I really enjoyed it!


  4. Hi, Mary Kay, you're hilarious! Sorry I missed you since I went on Saturday to the shopping extravaganza. I know…we all love Eddie & want to keep him to ourselves. Had a blast myself, you'll have to see my recap. I will definitely come back to see you!


  5. OMG you are the best!!! you are my new girlfriend!!
    loved meeting you and katie too!
    lots of love!

  6. Good afternoon Mary Kay,

    I found your wonderful blog by way of EDDIEROSS.COM 🙂 !! I am thrilled I did … what a warm, cozy place to pull up the keyboard and relax, smile and see beautiful things !!

    Unfortunately, I thought I was the only other person on the planet invisioning herself as the woman of Eddie and Jaithan’s dreams 🙂 !! I went on a “Flea Market Field Trip” as well, in Manhatten, and had a fabulous time and picked up some real treasures.

    It was by accident I found you but it will be on purpose I visit you everyday. As an avid reader I am heading straight to the library to pick out one of your books … I am not sure how I have missed you up until this point during my 44 years !!

    By the way, love your sweater in the photo with Eddie … could you possibly be a Talbots gal too 🙂 ?!?!

    Shelley Granata
    New Canaan, CT

  7. Cute post! I am literally laughing out loud! You will have a great catch there…Eddie! 🙂 Looks like ya’ll had a wonderful time at Scott’s! Can’t wait to see what you do with the Florida/Window treatment! 🙂 ~Rhonda

  8. Okay, I’m a new lover of Eddie’s blog and his style. I have always loved your books, but didn’t know you had a blog, much less one that included DECORATING!!! Can life get any better?

    You found great stuff at Scott’s. I’m glad you got your mojo back and had a wonderful date with Eddie and a few of his closest friends. I will be a regular visitor here… just lettin’ you know.

  9. Gosh MDGranata, you don’t tell an author that you’re headed to the LIBRARY for her books…you say you’re headed straight to the bookstore to pick up all her books in HARDCOVER. Hahaha. All hers are worth it…especially Savannah Blues and Hissy Fit (my personal favorites.)

  10. Mary Kay, I had no idea you were a famous writer & I have to admit, I haven't read your books, but now that I think about it, I have heard your name! I will have to check out your books.

    Thank you SO much for adding me to your blogroll. You definitely have a gifted way with words & I will come back & see you often.

  11. Well K. – WHAT WAS I THINKING !! You are absolutely right and this very afternoon I am off to the local Borders to purchase both your recommendations (in hardcover of course). I am looking forward to these favorites of yours and am anticipating them becoming favorites of mine as well … a true lover of reading and actual books themselves should have known better or at the very least been more thoughtful and sensitive 🙂 !! Thank you K. …

    Shelley Granata

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