Missing: My junkin’ mojo

Beth and I spent four hours at Scott’s Friday and I only managed to buy one thing. A ten dollar milk glass towel bar. As the King of Siam would say “is a puzzlement”. There was lots of yummy stuff yesterday, and dealers were certainly willing to bargain, but I only managed to pull the trigger that one measly time. My conclusion? What with the holidays and all the craziness of pulling together the beach house, I maybe lost my junkin’ mojo. No fear. We headed back to Scott’s today, and I somehow found my mojo again. Bought a french wicker basket for forty bucks (one dealer was selling the same ones for $160), a vintage Florida souvenir tablecloth to use as a curtain in the bathroom at the beach house, and some way-cool National Biscuit Company flour sacks that will make sweet pillow shams in the boomerang boy’s bedroom at the beach. Tomorrow is my blind date with Eddie Ross at Scott’s. Okay, I lied. It’s more like a group date. And we’re paying to go. But still, I know in my heart of hearts, if anybody could get Eddie to switch teams, it’d be me. Stay tuned.

2 thoughts on “Missing: My junkin’ mojo”

  1. Only you can get “switch teams” into a a junking blog.

    Your mojo is merely dormant because (a) you finished the manuscript, and (b) you’re saving it up for Eddie. I cannot WAIT to hear your stories about junking with him. I’m expecting bandaids, flagrant self-promotion, and quite possibly stagefright.

  2. I love all your blogs, especially about your finds.

    I just finished reading The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society book which you recommended in one of your blogs. It is a wonderful book. Thank you for the recommendation.

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