Yippee! It’s Scott’s this weekend!

Brimfield dresser, happy-face potty
Claw-foot tub. Paint? What color?

My junking buddy Beth is on the road, even as we speak, driving down from Raleigh for a Scott’s Antique Market fix. Yes, we are going today and tomorrow, with several members of the posse. And Katie and I are meeting our new virtual boyfriend Eddie Ross there for a Sunday outing. Stay tuned for news and views about that. What? You don’t think three days of junking in a row is a good idea? Pffftttt. Don’t know about you, but what with the holidays and working on the beach house, there has been a real junk deficit in my life recently. I actually missed the December Scott’s. I’m practically giddy with excitement today. In other news, progress marches on down at Tybee. I spent hours yesterday obsessing over pink. As in pink paint. For the front door and all the exterior doors. I’d picked out Benjamin Moore’s Pink Blossom with help from Jane Coslick, but here on my desktop in Atlanta, it looks a little grayed out. Instead, a color called Peony seems to be calling my name. Speaking of excitement, before I left Tybee Wednesday, the plumbers installed my toilets, and the master bathroom sink. This is the sink that got dropped into the dresser I hauled all the way home from Brimfield, Mass., just to find out that it was too big for its intended spot in the downstairs bath. You should have seen me hugging the plumber. His name is John and he DOES NOT think a plumber named John is hilarious. Maybe I was standing too close to the paint fumes, because I got the giggle-fits just thinking about it. The claw-foot tub is in too. Mr. MK says it needs paint. He doesn’t get shabby chic. Not at all.

3 thoughts on “Yippee! It’s Scott’s this weekend!”

  1. Control yourself around Eddie. I cannot BELIEVE you’re going junking with him. I saw his online photos from the NYC flea weekend, and you’ll be in rust heaven!!! I am so jealous—even more jealous about the dresser sink. I’ve been searching for years for an appropriately sized one for my teensiest of teensy bathrooms, to no avail. I’ll just virtually brush my teeth at your house. XOX

  2. Hey, we bought an old dresser for our bathroom a couple of years ago and have the exact same sink. (We had to order it. Took forever to come.) Wish I could post a picture for you. You’ll love it. (Hope you have many coats of poly on that dresser. You’ll need it!)

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