Simmertime…and the livin’ is steamy

I don’t care what the calendar says–it’s June here in Atlanta and it’s officially hot. How do I deal with heat? Junkin’! Last weekend was extremely junk-central. We started off Thursday with the Decatur First Baptist Gi-Normous Yard Sale. Katie and I–and her best friend Carolyn, got up at 5:30 a.m.–or what we call buttcrack of dawn, to get in line for the sale by 6 a.m. for the 7 a.m. start-time. Now that’s some serious junking. This is a yearly sale held to fund the church’s youth mission trips. Of course, we’d done a drive-by the night before to scope out the merch, and I’d spotted what looked like a queen-size headboard and footboard. Not really antique, but decent repro. We cruised by the bed again in the morning, just to make sure it looked good up close, which it did, and made a list of stuff we wanted to find: beds for my future beach house, maybe a dresser or two, and for Katie, two kitchen chairs to replace two of hers that had bit the dust. By the time the sale started, we were 9th or 10th in line, with close to a hundred people behind us. You gotta love a yard sale that starts with the church pastor giving a megaphone benediction. Once we’d been blessed, we were off! Our strategy was divide and conquer. Katie raced for the bed area, while I made a beeline for what looked like a decent sofa. The sofa was a no-go, (smelled like it had substituted for a catbox), so I sprinted over to the three metal spring-back motel chairs I’d been eyeballing. Just as I got there, another woman was placing a “sold” sticker on them. And they were only $15 apiece! They are just like the ones that were on the cover of SAVANNAH BLUES. I had to cuss under my breath (it being a Baptist church-sanctioned sale and all). I headed for the kitchen chair area, where I grabbed up two painted oak kitchen chairs (for Katie) for $30. Five minutes had passed by the time I made my way over to Katie, who’d scored the queen-bed, plus a retro-sixties white and yellow beachy headboard–for the grand total of $35. We trolled the rest of the aisles and came up with two more great finds: a queen-sized sleeper sofa from Storehouse–complete with slipcover–for $175–for my future beach house, plus a scarred and battered mahogany dresser for $40, which will be painted shabby-chic style for aforesaid beach house. And here’s a valuable tip we learned that day. Contrary to popular opinion, a queen-sized sleeper sofa will fit all the way into my husband’s Yukon! That was the good news. The bad news was that the same sofa would NOT fit through my basement doorway, despite the valiant efforts of my good neighbor Joel and son. So I had to cover the sofa with two bright blue plastic drop cloths until my husband and a friend could load it up and take it over to be stored at Boomerang Boy’s garage. Friday morning, when I went outside to make sure our dogs hadn’t decided to breakfast on the sofa, I discovered Wyatt lounging atop the tarp-draped sofa, looking quite pleased with himself. Of course, there was more junking to be done on Friday. With Katie and Jinxie along, we hit three excellent estate sales. I love an estate sale–dead people’s stuff is just way more exciting than the run-of-the-mill suburban homeowner’s assortment of cast-off clothing, plastic toys and hideous ’80s herculon Lazy-Boys. I bought an adorable ’50s chenille crib spread to take to Maisy’s Daisy, plus a bunch of other stuff for the booth. Saturday, I junked solo, scoring a great armchair and ottoman for the future beach house for $35, plus a pair of great-looking faux bamboo Chinese Chippendale armchairs. And to cap off the long weekend, I found a pair of vintage mahogany four-poster twin beds on Craig’s List–$50 for the pair. My basement is full, my fantasy beach house is nearly furnished, I’m a happy camper. Now, it’s back to THE FIXER UPPER. I actually wrote five pages yesterday, to atone for all that outta control junking.

5 thoughts on “Simmertime…and the livin’ is steamy”

  1. Sounds like a REALLY fun day! It has been super hot & humid down here near Macon too. I just LOVE estate sales but admit they kinda freak me a little bit!

  2. I so enjoy your blogs as well as your fun(ny)novels! We live in the Knoxville area and it’s been hot as Hades here, too. I used to work for the Farragut, TN, location of of Greensboro Antiques out of Greensboros, NC. Boo hoo, it closed a few years ago as did the mistress store. The beginning of things that were (have) come? Also, if any of you all do get to Mary Kay’s neck of the woods, and it’s one of those really steamy, do-not-want-to-cook days, try Johnny’s New York Pizza in downtown Decatur. Our son’s the owner and it really, really is good pizza!

  3. I was given 3 of your books recently while staying at N. Redington Beach Florida. I absolutely LOVED reading them. I am from Tampa originally, and like you ,have only lived in the South. You use the same expressions and Southern talk in your books as I do. It is like reading something a member of my family wrote! Currently I live in Lake Wales , Florida. I miss the comaraderie of my childhood friends- your books brought them back into my life. Weezie and BeBe could be my best friends!
    Also I am a junker and have decorated my house( 1920’s Georgian) with bright colors ,a corrigated tin ceiling and grove ladders for window treatments. I have pets too ,and my slip covers are drop cloths.
    It is so nice to meet a sister under the skin.
    Thank you for making Southern women modern, smart, and wackie!
    Lonna Strickland

  4. Sounds like you are ready to furnish your beach house! You have to post pictures once you are all decorated. I’ve grown up right here in Atlanta and I must say this is the muggiest June I can remember. July is going to be a doozie… ya’ll keep cool with an Arnold Palmer and we’ll just be waiting on MKA’s newest book!

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