Y’all Come!

I’m really, really supposed to be staying at home and writing this summer. One of the very few appearances I’m making will be this Saturday, June 14, at the Galax, Virginia Leaf and String Festival. I’ll be signing books at their book tent during the day Saturday, and then speaking at a dinner that night. Here’s the press release about the event:
The 7th Annual Leaf and String Festival in Galax, VA will be held June 13-14 this year. The festival celebrates music, art & literature. The city of Galax is well known for its old-time and bluegrass music, but is also recognized for its crafts, art and literature of the area. This year, the Galax Public LIbrary and Chapters Bookshop have invited over 30 authors coming to share their works readers of the Twin County area. Local and regional authors include Joe Tennis (Beach to Bluegrass), Al Jennings (Saturday – My Day to Wear the Underwear), Scottie Pritchard (Under the Blue Bowl), and Alan Coleman (Railroads of North Carolina). Also coming is Gloria Houston, Appalachian children’s author, whose works include The Perfect Christmas Tree and My Great-Aunt Arizona. She will be talking with children at the library on Friday, and with the public at large on Saturday. Mary Kay Andrews will be here on Saturday, signing her newest book, Deep Dish, and will be the featured speaker at a dinner engagement at Warrick Hall Saturday night at 6:30. Other titles of hers include Savannah Blues, Savannah Breeze, and Little Bitty Lies. The festival will additionally host the Blue Ridge Music Makers Guild. They have a library of instruments that the public can try out during the two days. Steve Kilby can teach you how to flat-pick a guitar, if you already have a bit of experience with the instrument. Listen to some great music at the Rex Theater on Friday night, and then out at the Blue Ridge Music Center on Saturday evening, or catch some picking right on the street corner. Learn to carve a Gee Haw Whimmy Diddle at Chestnut Creek School of the Arts, beginner guitar lessons, or do a pastel drawing of Galax Leaves, for which the town is named. Learn the art of story-telling, a true Appalachian heritage craft. P. Buckley Moss, a frequent visitor of Galax, has created a poster and print which features Mary Guynn’s cabin and the Bogtrotters Band just for this year’s festival. She will be here to sign them both, along with some of her books, which include Reuben and the Blizzard and Reuben and the Quilt. There is so much going on during the Leaf and String Festival that it makes your head spin. Come and celebrate your Appalachian heritage at Galax, VA June 13 and 14.
For more information, google Galax Leaf and String Festival.

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  1. I really wish I could make it up to the Leaf & String Festival but it’s just a little bit too far with the current gas prices! I finished Deep Dish this week and LOVED it! Next time you head to Tybee you should take a slight detour in Macon and head to Trish Ann’s Antique shop in Haddock (it’s only about 30 miles max. off I16), it’s a really nice little antique shop and they have a tea room that serves REALLY good lunches. There are also some new (and really great) antique shops in Gray (you go through there on the way to Haddock). Both are very small (Gray is actually bigger than Haddock) Haddock has a bank, a post office, two convenience stores AND Trish Anns! Nice little side trip!

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