Street Cred

The early bird gets the worm, right? This morning, even before the buttcrack o’dawn, my niece Sarah, who is living with us this summer, dragged me out of the house for our dreaded morning walk. So I dragged my middle-aged (okay, who am I kidding? Unless I plan to live into my hundreds, I am officially no longer middle-aged) azz around our ‘hood for an hour.

It was stinking hot and humid, and by the time we got back to our block, I was drenched in sweat and smelled like a refugee from the goat rodeo. But as a reward for my clean living and devotion to a healthy lifestyle,we stumbled (and I do mean stumbled) upon my neighbor a few doors down setting up her yard sale. Well, quicker than you can say HOLY HABANERO, BATMAN!, I’d selected the two wicker chairs you see here, the piano stool, and the wicker basket. All this by 7:30 a.m. Sweet, huh?
The wicker chairs are really, really old, very heavy, and they have some damage. If I can’t get ’em fixed, I might whack off the backs (which is where the damage is) and make them into stools, complete with flirty little seat cushions with a short ruffle. For $10 apiece, I figure, you can never go wrong with old wicker,right?

In less than 30 minutes I managed so spend $60 for everything, including the little shabby chic bowl on stand, which I think will look cute heaped with bleached-out seashells. All of these treasures are destined for my booth at Seaside Sisters on Tybee Island. And now? I think it’s time for a nap.Us middle-aged types need to rest up for the Saturday sales.

4 thoughts on “Street Cred”

  1. Mary Kay,
    you can repair old wicker by wrapping it in rafia and paint it with Elmer's Glue, diluted with some water.

    Then spray paint it with Rustoleum spray once dry….

    It will look like new.

  2. "smelled like a refugee from a goat rodeo" Now there is a soon to be classic expression! Great deal on the chairs, we sold some this May for $50 each

  3. Wonderful finds! I went to a yard sale Sat and got some good finds but the sweat was not pretty!

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