A Junk Throw-Down–and a Giveaway!

When my junk-buddy Sue of Vintage Rescue Squad told me she was heading down Atlanta-way last weekend and wanted to shop at Scott’s Antique Market, we both knew it was inevitable–a junker’s throw-down. We met for breakfast, traded gossip and tales of estate sale victories, and then took off for Scott’s. In the parking lot, we set the rules–a $20 bill (more or less)–and whoever got the best deals would win the contest. Did I mention it was Africa hot that day? I think my flip-flops melted to the asphalt in the parking lot of the North Building. We also applied our super-cool VINTAGE tattoos, which Sue gifted us with. We started with the outdoor vendors, because they’re the ones who sell the kind of junk Sue and I salivate over.

The challenge is issued, and Sue immediately talks smack

Being the seasoned pro she is, (she has two booths in antique shops in Virginia), Sue struck first, at 9:06 a.m. with an outsized letter “S” made from old tin ceiling tiles.

9:06 a.m. First blood–Sue’s “initial” buy.

A few minutes later, we were met by blogger buddy Linda, http://ljm-alacarte.blogspot.com/ and after a quick stroll through the inside dealers in the North Building, we headed over to the South Building. I found my first treasures from a dealer who had a trove of gorgeous old flags and vintage bunting. He sold me 3 five-yard pieces for $20. Those, my friends, are destined to decorate our house next Fourth of July. While I was perusing the rest of his booth, Sue wandered over and made a score too. Which meant I had to counter with another $10 purchase. We parted ways for a bit, and I found another great treasure, for $10. As soon as Sue saw it, she threatened to arm-wrestle me for it, but too late, the deal was sealed. By then, we were swooning from heat exhaustion, and were happy to make our way inside the air-conditioned comfort of the South Building. Of course, I had to take Sue over to meet my junk buddy Lulu Redstar. Lulu always has the coolest vintage stuff, not to mention her gorgeous junk jewelry which she crafts from vintage and antique findings. Sue bought some of Lulu’s stuff, and I bought a hilarious 1931 publication called The Sorority Handbook. Good stuff!

Lulu Redstar and Vintage Sue bond over junk jewelry

We shopped and gossiped and chatted with some of my other favorite dealers, and had lunch–Uncle Woody’s excellent chicken salad, before I had to shove off for other committments. I think I speak for all three of us when I say a good time was had by all.

Haul A

Haul B

Now, here’s where y’all come in. We’re posting pix of our $20 (more or less) junk throwdown stuff. Leave us a comment right here or here, telling us whose junk is whose. Sue’s or Mary Kay’s? We’ll pick a winner from the correct guesses, and Sue and I will each award a prize–Sue’s is a vintage cigar box full ‘o ephemera, mine is a beachy basket complete with monogrammed Breeze Inn beach towel, autographed copy of The Fixer Upper, go-cups and more. Deadline is Saturday, July 24.

73 thoughts on “A Junk Throw-Down–and a Giveaway!”

  1. I think Haul A is MKA's and Haul B is Vintage Sue's.

    I have never been to Scott's. I totally have to go there!

  2. Haul A is Sue's and Haul B is Mary Kay's-the Hunky book gave it away!
    Please list some vintage vendors at Scott for us to check out due to limited time and such a huge market. thanks! Love the BB sign! patsy Beall

  3. I love the basketball sign. As a KU Basketball fan, it is perfect for my vintage jayhawk stuff….the right colors too. My guess is that this stuff was picked by Sue, but since that is too logical, I am going to say just the opposite.
    MKS is Haul #2
    Sue is Haul #1

    [email protected]

  4. Mary Kay, I'm guessing that those beautiful blue jars in Haul A are something you would choose. So I think that Haul B is Sue's stuff… I love the jars! I would really really love to win your book especially. 🙂 Thanks for the opportunity.

  5. Mary Kay's is Haul A
    Sue's is Haul B

    I know what you mean by Africa-hot. Last week, our heat index was 112!

    Happy hunting,
    Teresa <)))~~

  6. a=Sue…b=Mary Kay.. looks like items for Boomerang Boy– love when you tell tales of Junking Scores

  7. I believe Haul A is MKA's and Haul B is Sue's

    Thanks for the chance to win. I LOVE all of your books. Have read EVERY one. 🙂

    Hugs – Angie

  8. Gotta say Haul B is Sue's. I almost feel like I'm shopping with you two — thanks for including us in on the fun!

  9. Looks like y'all had so much fun! I normally just read but couldn't pass up a chance to comment on this. My guess- haul a is Sue, haul b is yours.

  10. Haul A is you; Haul B is Sue. I can almost feel the Africa heat from here! I'm impressed you braved it!

  11. Hi ~ I'm going the opposite from the obvious 🙂 Haul A, Sue and Haul B, Kathy.
    Keeping my fingers crossed!

  12. Haul A is yours
    Haul B is Sue's

    When do I get a chance to go junking with with you? Now THAT would be a give away – A Day of Junking With Mary Kay Andrews!!!

    Sign me up!

  13. B is Sue's…obviously, like everyone says…and gets my vote for the best $20ish haul. LOVE old dominoes! although i could see vintage buttons filling those jars!

  14. well, I'm guessing haul A is Mary Kay's even though I'm just getting familiar w/ your style. so that would make B = Sue – fingers crossed that you pick me!


  15. I have a feeling that MK found pile A (which obviously leaves Sue to claim pile B). Sounds like fun!!

  16. Gonna hafta go with B for you on account of that sorority book. I think you were browsing in the funky vintage book department.

    Sue – A
    You – B

    Too untechno to figure out how to make my user name diff from my eddress, so I'm Jemille, your St. Pete pal.

  17. Gotta find something fun to do on those stinkin' hot days!

    Love the jars and stand, and that haul is yours (Mary Kay.

    The Hunky, and more, has to be Sue's (VRS)

    Keep up the good work!

    [email protected]

  18. Haul A is MKA (you)
    Haul B is Sue (VRS)

    But I am jealous of both of you! What great stuff you scored!!

  19. Haul A is MKA (you)
    Haul B is Sue (VRS)

    But I am jealous of both of you! What great stuff you scored!!

  20. I think Haul A is Mary Kay's – those jars look like something you might have at your booth at Seaside Sisters. So that must mean Haul B is Sue's. Thanks for the fun!

  21. I think Haul A is Mary Kay's. Those blue jars look like something you might have at your booth at Seaside Sisters. That must mean Haul B is Sue's. Thanks for the fun!!

  22. I think Haul A belongs to MKA with Haul B of course belonging to Sue. I wouldn't bet money on it though, because I could see MKA with both hauls

  23. I think Haul A is Mary Kay and Haul B is the VRS. I love the challenge, all things MKA, and Tybee Island!!! I will be there in less than a week. Whooo!!!!!!

  24. Haul A is MKA and Hual B is the VRS. I love the challeng, all things MKA and Tybee Island! The good news is that I will be at TI in less than a week. Whooooooo!!!!

  25. Hey there MKA!!!
    I would love to take ya on a junk fix! Sue is planning on coming back down and I already told her I want in on the next throw down!! We'd have a blast.
    Can you believe I've never been to Scott's? I have to get there!!
    Hope your day is great,

  26. A – Mary Kay
    B – Sue
    Now if you'd shown us the vintage bunting I'd have to say you found the bestest.

  27. Hi MKA! I'm new to your blog but based on the "beachy" things I've spotted so far in your archives I'm guessing: Haul A = MKA, Haul B + Sue.

    Thanks for the fun give a way contest!

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