The calm before the storm

Been running around all day trying to get my booth at Seaside Sisters all spiffed up for our 2nd annual SAVANNAH BREEZE weekend at Tybee. Well, it’s spiffed, but I didn’t get everything done that I’d hoped to. Oh well, the party trolley picks me up in fifteen minutes for the Margarita Meet n’ Greet–so I guess it’s as ready as it’s going to get. I hope to have a picture of the booth—Maisy’s Daisy–to post tomorrow. Supposed to rain cats n’ dawgs tomorrow, but hopefully that won’t dampen our party mood. More later!

1 thought on “The calm before the storm”

  1. Wish I could be there this year. I hope to make it next year for sure. Have a drink or 2 or 3 for me. Rain or not it should be a great time for all. Drinking and dishing with the girls and of course shopping what else is there. Except a good book!

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