A Good Time Was Had By All

At least–I had a good time, and from all the reports I heard, the other 65 breezers who attended the 2nd Annual Savannah Breeze weekend also enjoyed themselves. We started the weekend on Friday with a margarita meet n’ greet in the gym of St. Michael’s Parochial School, a tiny but wonderful Catholic school on Tybee. We had a band, the preliminary round of the Miss SB contest, the aforesaid margaritas, and lots of hilarity, courtesy of a really fun bunch of women. We had a posse from Mississippi, one from Colorado, North Carolina, Florida, St. Louis, MO, and even a breezer from L.A. Of course, plenty of folks came down from Atlanta, and we had a very cool band of chicks from Middle Georgia–which, come to think of it, is the home of Central State Hospital at Milledgeville–which used to be the state home for the criminally insane. I’m just sayin’…Anyway, it was big fun. We had four returnees from last year, plus the vivacious, talented and bootielicious Jeffrey–who was the weekend’s emcee again. I believe Jeffrey might have been enjoying some of the adult beverages, based on the fact that at one point in the evening, he allowed himself to be coerced into donning a Savannah Breeze nightshirt–underneath which he sported some lizardskin cowboy boots–and not much else that I am aware of. Not that I checked or anything. If I had the legs and hiney Jeffrey has, I would walk around in a nightshirt, feather boa and boots all day and all night. Alas, I do not. I think everybody in the room agreed that every woman needs a gay best friend, and that Jeffrey would do very nicely. We also all agreed that what goes on Tybee stays on Tybee. Nevertheless, as far as I know, there were virtually no arrests and nobody was hospitalized. Which is always a plus. On Saturday morning, our trolleys picked everybody up at their cottage or hotel to take them into town for a day of shopping. Some people must have caught “the margarita virus” that was going around, because sadly, they did not feel up to joining us at 9am. Saturday. Our first stop was at Seaside Sisters, where we’d all stocked up for goodies for the big day. The weather Saturday in Savannah was really dreadful–cold, windy and rainy. At least it didn’t snow, like it did at home here in Atlanta. But we braved it out and managed to shop our way around downtown Savannah, starting at @Home, my favorite shop, where the adorable Liz Demos greeted us with mimosas and other yummy tidbits. After that, it was back on the trolleys and over to the Metts Mansion on Forsyth Park, which is a gorgeous 19th century showplace, which happens to be owned by Dr. James Metts, who is the longtime local coroner. Fortunately, Dr. Jimmy does his work elsewhere. Just in case our blood alcohol levels got dangerously low, we were all fortified by bracing mint juleps. We had a fabulous lunch catered by Paula Deen’s restaurant, The Lady and Sons–fried chicken, country fried steak, mac n’cheese, collard greens, candied sweet potatoes, biscuits and peach cobbler. Tomorrow I’ll post a pic of a group of us sitting on the mansion’s stairway–barely able to stay upright due to the large amounts of carbs, sugar and alcohol we’d all consumed. Thank Gawd we had a heated bus waiting outside to take us back to Tybee. Tomorrow I’ll post Part II of the Breeze Report. To see a bunch of photos of the festivities just click http://spotted.savannahnow.com/galleries/index.php?id=327133

2 thoughts on “A Good Time Was Had By All”

  1. I have been a huge fan of yours ever since I first read Hissy Fit about four years ago, and recently started rereading all of your books starting with Savannah Breeze. I just now found your website and was super disappointed to find out that this Savannah Breeze weekend was this past weekend! I live in Statesboro and had I known about it, I would have loved to meet you! I hope you will be doing it again next year, and I hope that in the mean time, your new book will be coming out soon!!
    Keep writing! You’re awesome!
    Maggie Flynt

  2. Crap. Here I am in the frozen north while you guys were shopping, tipsy, and noshing with wild abandon. I am sooooo jealous.

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