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Wow–ten days since I’ve blogged. So, here’s what I’ve been doing.
1. Junking. A lot of junking. More on that later.
2. Kitchen retrofit. The good news is that the new cabinets are in, and the cabinet boxes have been painted and glazed. The bad news is that Mr. Mary Kay hates the glaze. Sigh. So, they’ve got to be re-painted.
The new stove has been semi-installed, and the buyers of the old stove and microwave happily carted them off last week, so I no longer have a stove sitting on my side porch. Here’s a photo of Bob the Builder at work.

The junking has been excellent lately. In fact, I’m embarrassed to admit that I junked four days in a row this week. On Wednesday, Jinxie and I went to a charity tag sale to benefit Atlanta Pet Rescue. Wowsers! We totally rocked that sale. Jinx got a beautiful antique cherry–or maybe pine? three-drawer chest that would have cost $400 or more at the Scott Antique Market, for $175. I got a great antique round pine drop-leaf table for $85. Plus three mulberry transfer-ware plates for $5, an antique round oak-frame mirror for $25, a partial bolt of designer red and white check fabric (think kitchen curtains) for $15, and an amazing vintage leather armchair with oak frame for $25. The seat cushion on the chair has to be replaced.

I’m thinking a great tapestry fabric will work for that. Also four or five roles of Thibaut black and cream toile wallpaper for two bucks apiece. Two of the rolls are triple rolls, and I think this stuff sells for about $75 a single roll, so major score there. My friend Susie is the recipient of the wallpaper. Thursday we went to an estate sale where I picked up six vintage “undersea” prints for $20. An Ebay search revealed that the prints were ’50s or ’60s era menu covers for an Italian cruise ship line. The owner of the house where the sale was held had been an artist. I bought two of her pastel drawings for $20 apiece. Re-matted and framed they’ll go in my master bath. Friday was an estate sale in Marietta, run by Vicki. Vicki always has great sales, and her prices are usually pretty fair. I picked up an oil painting of daffodils for $18, a wooden tole-painted tray for $5, and some other stuff.

Saturday was the neighborhood-wide yard sale extravaganza in Druid Hills. This is the neighborhood where Driving Miss Daisy was filmed. Also the site of the memorable oriental rug-on-the-curb coup from a couple months ago. Got a great oil painting of zinnias for $5, and four wonderful rusty scrolly iron chairs for $25. Not to mention a pair of ’50s crewel-work parrot pictures for $6 and a great black-painted oak piano stool for $8. Score! I also actually got some real writing/research work done this week. Fill you in later on that.

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