Or as the spelling disabled say–Wah-lah!

The dead mouse under the stove has been evicted by Mr. Mary Kay. Boomerang Boy is off in the woods stalking deer, and when he returns he’ll be farmed out to spend the night at his best buddy’s house. Wyatt, better known around here as Mr. Barky Von Schnauzer has beens sternly warned about lounging on Boomerang Boy’s freshly-laundered coverlet. My punch list of last minute tasks has been reduced to one page.
So, this morning, after I finish making a shower curtain out of a vintage chenille bedspread for the upstairs bath, I am making a pilgrimage to the holiest of holy places for junkers–Scott’s Antique Market, with the other apostles, er, posse members, Jinx and Susie. Oh yes. I’m going to my happy place. Well, my other happy place. Number one happy place is Target. I was trying to explain this to a young male neighbor the other night. “I love Tar-jay,” I said. “It’s almost always open when I need it. It’s warm and bright. Everything glitters and beckons. Even the toilet brushes are stylish looking and beautifully merchandised. The bathrooms are clean, and I didn’t have to scrub them. They have coolers of cold Diet Coke at the entrance, they sell chocolate and they sometimes sell my books, along with the interior design magazines I crave–Country Home, Cottage Living, Mary Englebreit’s Home Companion, Veranda, like that.” He shrugged. Boys don’t get Target. At least, not most straight boys. Ah well. One of life’s imponderables.
Check out the AJC article and picks of the house!

5 thoughts on “Voila!”

  1. Looking forward to seeing some photos after the “tour”….everything sounds so wonderful. I agree totally about Target! There is a book titled “On Target” all about their philosophy of marketing and such….very very interesting read. Enjoy your fun day, Cathy

  2. I too love Target! We turn it into a verb..lets go targeting. Somehow I go in, needing really nothing, and come out $60.00 + later. Oh the mystery………

  3. Target is my store too! God I love that place! I have seen it first hand though, some straight men do love Target too. My friend Will loves it so much he got his first job there when we were in high school.

  4. Target is the coolest!! I live between TWO of them within a few blocks of each one. There’s a Wally World closer, but I seldom attend.
    Tarjay is cheap cool.

  5. I’m sure the house tour was a success. The article in the AJC was very nice but for some reason I couldn’t down load the photos. Any chance you could post them to you “blog”? Where does that word come from anyway!

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