A Junker’s Price Puzzle

Stangl vase, 10-inch, matte turquoise

Tiny Steiff Elephant, minus tusks

Tonka stake-truck–early 1960s?

When I got home from Tybee on Monday, I was delighted to find an email from my favorite estate sale dealer, Vicki, about a rarity–a Tuesday estate sale. Of course, I rushed over there Tuesday morning. The street was swarming with cars, and the yard with shoppers, because it was a driveway sale. Lots of early shoppers had already picked over the goods, but I managed to score a few things. The three things I’m going to show you were such good buys–and so collectible–I think–that I’m pondering how to price them. The little Steiff elephant still has his ear-button, but the pads on his feet are worn through to the straw stuffing, and he’s apparently missing his tusks, although he does still have his red felt saddle blanket. I’ve checked eBay prices, but particularly for the Stangl vase, which has no chips or cracks, I can’t find anything really comparable. I’m stumped on the Tonka truck, too. From looking at various toy sites, I’m thinking this guy was made in the early ’60s, maybe ’63 or ’64. The tires are rubber, and the windshield appears to be plastic. There isn’t a rear tailgate on the truck bed, not sure if it’s missing, or how that would affect price. Any suggestions from my junker buddies out there in blogland would be greatly appreciated.

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  1. I saw a similar vase online for $37 but, it was brown (and not as cute as your vase color). Too, the add mentioned a hairline crack and a shallow chip so not sure if that actually helps. I've also seen a tulip vase in the shade you have that was $75…not narrowing down the range, here, am I?! : )

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