Christmas…Coming to a bookstore near you!

I know, I know, the holidays creep up on us earlier every year, and I sorta resent the intrusion. I mean, it’s still in the 80s here in Atlanta. But the calendar doesn’t lie. It’s nearly mid-October. The stores are full of Halloween candy and costumes, and just lurking on the loading dock of every retail outlet in America are all those cases and cartons of Christmas merchandise. The thing is, if you have a Christmas book, which I do, you get asked to do book signings in advance of the holidays.
So, in the spirit of cooperation, and let’s face it, writers have to sell books, or they don’t get asked to write any more books, plus, it’s a total buzz-kill for a writer to show up at a signing WITH NO CUSTOMERS (trust me, it’s happened to me, more than once). I thought I’d give you my upcoming event schedule for BLUE CHRISTMAS. I hope some of you will come. Or a lot of you. Yeah, a lot would be good. That way I can get in the Christmas spirit my ownself. And besides, one of the good things about holiday book signings is, they’re usually good for some free snacks, maybe some wine or that awesome Hawaiian Punch/Ginger Ale/goony green sherbert punch–which I actually like, because it reminds me of my Girl Scout days. But don’t be looking for fruitcake. I think it’s in my contract. No fruitcake at MKA book signings. Cookies, fudge, pound cake, cheese straws, those Bisquick-sausage thingies, yes. Fruitcake no. Do come. Bring some friends. Maybe I’ll bring some leftover Halloween candy. As if.
Tues. Oct. 26, 6:30pm
The Book Exchange, Marietta, Ga.
2956 Canton Rd.
Holiday signing with Patti Callahan Henry.
RSVP, plus $5 donation and children’s book for charity donation.
Fri. Nov. 5, 7:45pm
Southern Lady Celebration
Grand Hyatt, Atlanta
Dinner Speech and book signing
Mon. Nov. 8, 2pm.
Weymouth Center for the Arts
Southern Pines, N.C.
Tues. Nov. 16, 7p.m.
Holiday book signing with Patti Callahan Henry
105 E. Main St. #138
Woodstock, GA. 30188
Weds. Dec. 8
Hilton Head Island, SC
Holiday luncheon & book signing
Sea Pines Conference Center/Harbour Inn
Dec. 10-12
Lavish Lifestyle Blogger Event
Atlanta, GA.

5 thoughts on “Christmas…Coming to a bookstore near you!”

  1. I have two copies of your Christmas book and neither are signed…One will be a gift for a friend, so maybe I can come to a signing! Oh and I love that punch also!!

  2. Hmmmm, Sounds like a trip to Myrtle Beach, S.C. would be a fine thing to do…even though I have already read Blue Christmas! Hey I could get to see you in person, and visit my cousin! I absolutely loved Blue Christmas! Twas.. the first one of yours, I could get my hands on and I haven't stopped since!

  3. I love Blue Christmas! I'm sure I'll be reading it again this year.

    So funny about the fruitcake…you know(urban)legend has it that there is really only one that just keeps getting re-gifted!!!

  4. This was the book that made me fall in love with your characters. It will always be one of my holiday favorites that I continue to re-read.

  5. Blue Christmas is my favorite book!
    I live in Oregon, but got hooked on your wonderful books after finding Deep Dish at a cute little bookstore/yarn shop in Apalachicola, FL. Looking forward to the next book!
    p.s. Wish you linked your blog to Facebook.

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