Some holiday treats

It really is a low-down dirty trick to lure readers to your blog with adorable puppy pix. That said, I’m not above it. Weezie, unlike myself, is extremely photogenic. Plus, while she’s awake, she pretty much takes constant adult supervision. Even as I type this, she’s managed to unravel the rattan binding on my office lounge chair, chew the edge of the oriental rug, and confiscate the blue fur Christmas stocking I got at a book club meeting. And we won’t go into her regrettable bathroom faux pax(s?). So here are some shots from the last few days: Weezie and Wyatt sharing a chair, Weezie peeking out the French doors to my office, and a random shot of the house fixed up for the Christmas home tour. Notice the shower curtain fashioned from an old chenille bedspread–by my very own not-so-nimble fingers. Also the tree in the bathtub. Boomerang Boy was not amused. “Why is there a friggin’ tree in the friggin’ tub?” he asked. When told it was whimsical, he could only shake his head. He doesn’t really get middle-aged whimsy. So. The Christmas is all packed away and the tree has already been carted off. My sister-in-law Jeanne and I got a little nutty while watching MIRACLE ON 34th STREET the night after Christmas, and we ended up throwing all the dried-out holiday greenery into the fire. What a merry little time we had. Now we’re preparing for our New Year’s Day open house, where we serve my fabulous grits n’ greens casserole to around a hunnerd or so folks who drop in for the roast oysters and collard greens and black-eyed peas, not to mention the big-ass ham. After the holidays I intend to stay in bed for one full day. Really. I wish the same for all of you. A day in bed where you’re not sick. Just lazy.

3 thoughts on “Some holiday treats”

  1. God that sounds good! A whole day to just lay in bed and read. This “vacation” I’m on is kicking my butt!

  2. I do believe you should write a cookbook!And please include that lemon cake recipe. I have been thinking about that one since you wrote about it! Your puppy is adorable. I have 2 labs and dogs rules. Happy 2008 to my favorite author.

  3. OK, here’s the lemon pound cake recipe. Just remember to bake it low and slow and it’ll turn out great.
    Lemon Cream Cheese Poundcake

    Spray bundt pan with floured cooking spray like Baker’s Joy
    Preheat oven to 325 degrees

    7 eggs
    1 8 oz. package cream cheese softened to room temperature
    2-1/2 sticks unsalted butter, softened to room temperature
    ¼ cup vegetable oil
    3-1/4 cups granulated sugar
    1 tsp. vanilla extract
    1 tsp. lemon extract
    3 cups cake flour
    ¼ tsp. salt

    Separate egg yolks and whites
    Whip 5 egg whites until stiff, set aside
    Cream together cream cheese, butter, vegetable oil, sugar
    Add vanilla and lemon extracts
    Slowly beat in 7 egg yolks
    Add cake flour and salt to butter and sugar mixture, 1 cup at a time
    After mixing well, fold in whipped egg whites.
    Pour in bundt pan.
    Bake for 1-1/2 hours.
    Let cool 5 minutes on wire rack, remove cake from pan and let cool completely.
    This cake freezes well and ships beautifully.
    Can be decorated with confectioner’s sugar and lemon glaze

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